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Castle Ashbys Cricket Team 2013

Cricket is the game, whites are the dress, leather against skull is the sound, what fun we have in the summer, playing the beautiful game. As you have almost certainly realised by now we have a website, which perhaps it should be noted at this stage, that our reach, and audience is now not just Castle Ashby, but in fact the world, so I guess we should all behave impeccably.

We hope to be updating this site on a match basis, subject to the clubs official photographer, supplying digital content, that has not been manipulated in any way, you know who you are, there is no need for naming and shaming in this club.

On a more serious note, our team is an assortment of chaps from the local areas of Castle Ashby, Chadstone, Grendon and Easton Maudit. These four villages are to be found in the beautiful countryside of Northamptonshire. Our cricket pavilion and field is situated at the front of Castle Ashby, which offers a truly breathtaking milieu to our games of cricket.

If you would like to come and play alongside us, please feel free to contact the club captain, via the contact us section of the website.

Compton Estates Club Castle Ashby